Passionate. Credible. Professional. 

Jaquese “JQ” Smith is a former NCAA basketball athlete who has played on various levels including Division 1, JUCO and Division II. A graduate of Liberty University, Smith earned her masters in Human Services while balancing life as a student athlete.  Using her wealth of experience as an athlete coupled with her desire to be of service; Smith has been able to successfully parlay her firsthand experience and media savvy into a career in public relations. 

Smith’s media proficiency is unmistakable in front of or behind the camera and in studio as former host of DNASportsTalk Radio.  Providing media coverage for major athletic events such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, NBPA Top 100 and McDonald’s All-American she has interviewed some of the nation’s top college bound and collegiate athletes.  Covering such premier events has been instrumental in Smith’s ability to establish essential business relationships with NCAA coaches and other notable individuals in the sports community. It’s those relationships that have proven to be beneficial to her client base of high school, college athletes and professionals. 

Smith has coordinated events such as the 'Who Got Next' Celebrity Charity Dinner,  RDU HS All Star Basketball game as well as charity events for professional athletes. She has been instrumental in furthering the reach of client brands with her social media expertise as proven in her role as PR & Social Media Campaign assistant for the media & publication company, WAGS Redefined. JQ has recently been given a position with The Global Mixed Gender Basketball League, as Director of Team Operations for the Atlanta Heirs, owned by Tameka 'Tiny' Harris.

Branching out beyond sports, Smith has served as music video project assistant for a major recording artist in Atlanta, GA where she currently resides.

Mission Statement: 
JQSportsPR LLC, mission is to provide clients with the highest quality of Sports PR consultancy. We exist to create, build and maintain an athlete’s and business image reputation. Our services will exceed the expectations of our clients. 


Who Do We Cater To?

AAU Programs

AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) a nonprofit volunteer organization was established to provide sports activities for the youth. These programs have consistently grown over the past years to be a dominant and leading sport’s association. It’s exclusively dedicated to promote physical fitness and development of amateur sports’ programs. It offers the opportunity for young male and females to travel around the country and compete with other skillful amateurs. JQSportsPR will find ways to assist these youth organizations with traditional and online marketing, promotion, creating and maintaining their business reputation. Services provided for this group would be travel planning, media relations, hands on training, image and social media consulting with players, as well as recruiting guidance.

Pro Athletes

The phrase, ‘first impression is everything’ is not a quote that should be taken lightly. As selected college athletes enter their first or second year on the field as professional players, having the long-lasting, positive and likeable image is important. JQSportsPR practices a ‘client priority’ stance when handling PR, personal assistance duties and publicity decisions. Establishing trust, credibility and professional relationship with the client will ensure smart branding decisions. At this stage of the business relationship, a strong presence of guidance and mentoring is offered for personal development. The overall objective is to coordinate with the agent, lawyer, manager, team PR and marketing teams, and sponsor(s) to ensure everyone is on message and in sync with all things being done to raise the athlete's profile. 

Sport Brands

The sports business is over saturated with startup basketball training programs, camps, events, clinics, clothing apparel and shoe wear. In today’s era, if one is seeking to establish a brand in this community, effective and unique marketing and branding is vital. The never ending trend of trainers and camps are becoming similar in every aspect. Organizations must figure out a way to differentiate their business and image. JQSportsPR, LLC is able to create a  distinct image and positive reputation for your business and get you your ideal customer coming back for more.